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Discover why SurveyVitals is the easiest and most powerful solution for understanding and improving your patient experience.

33x more completed surveys

than paper HCAHPS alone with SurveyVitals blended approach.

Spend more time with your patients and less on administration. Our automated solution allows you to gain actionable patient insights in real-time to improve HCAHPS scores.

Hospital Survey

  • Optimized survey driven by patient selection
  • Provider-specific reporting for hospitalists, anesthesiologists, nurses, and emergency medicine
  • Survey 100% of your eligible patient population

Focus Areas

Communication Privacy Respected Decision Preparation Easing Anxiety Ensuring Comfort Facility Care Plan Staff Sensitive Confidence Overall Comments

Reimbursement Fulfillment

Additional Options

Available Survey Modes

  • Text-Message
  • Email
  • Interactive Voice Response

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What’s Included: The 360° Solution

The full feedback loop providing insight into the many aspects of your workflow.

Patient Experience

Hospital Experience

Quickly understand patient needs and address lasting concerns with SurveyVitals primary hospital experience survey. Actionable insights in real-time to guide your quality improvement efforts and improve HCAHPS scores.

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CMS-approved Vendor


Satisfy federal reporting requirements while still getting actionable feedback from the remainder of your patient population with our blended approach.

Survey Check Box
Patient-Reported Outcomes

Surgical Outcomes

Designed as a follow-on survey, the Global Surgical Outcomes Survey asks surgical patients to assess areas of their recovery like return to function, pain, and mobility.
Patient Safety Culture

Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture

Administer this AHRQ internal survey to publicly report your scores to groups like LeapFrog or other hospital rating sites.
Internal Feedback

Practitioner & Employee Satisfaction

Gain important insights from your physicians and employees on their quality of life at work.

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