Clinical Trials & Research

Let your team handle the clinical aspects of trial design while we power and inform the patient experience

Understand Engagement

Explore patient motivators and identify barriers to a successful and accessible trial.

Incorporate Patient Voices

Demonstrate patient centered protocols in working with advocacy groups, for recruitment, or other partnerships.

Ensure Retention

Prevent patient attrition by pinpointing and recognizing leading indicators.


SurveyVitals is honored to support the founding of the Decentralized Clinical Trials and Research Alliance. Decentralized trials, as both a continuity countermeasure and a proactive protocol, create an opportunity for greater patient centricity. By engaging directly with the patient to understand the quality of their experience, the weight of their burden, and the detail of the value of the trial to each individual, sponsors, and CROs can adapt more quickly to ensure retention and can consolidate feedback to improve the future trial design.

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Clinical Trials & Research Surveys

  • Capture critical patient feedback during each stage of a trial, from enrollment to retention and study follow-up with SurveyVitals proven hands-free delivery methodology.

Prove your patient-centricity

  • In RFPs
  • To advocacy groups
  • For recruitment
  • To ensure retention

Custom questions & workflows

  • Get the feedback you need, instantly
  • Adapt & retain

Available Survey Modes

  • Text-Message
  • Email
  • Interactive Voice Response

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