New! Monthly Trend Report

At SurveyVitals, we hope you view your dedicated client account manager and the online solution as an extension of your business. This is why we are continually striving to keep you and your team apprised of performance while you are on the go. The new Trend Report sends a high-level overview of your survey scores straight to your inbox. This monthly digest provides a 90-day lookback and can guide you as you use the portal to drill down into your detailed performance data.
monthly trend report
In your Trend Report, you will find a variety of performance insights.
Survey and Engagement Metrics
See a quick overview of survey count, response rate, and engagement metrics.
Best and Lowest Rated Performers
Quickly gauge which clinicians and divisions in your organization are performing the highest, and which need the most improvement.
Uptrending and Downtrending Performers
Use uptrend and downtrend data to dive deeper into performance with certain locations or individuals, and take action.
The Monthly Trend Report can be enabled for all users in your organization, or for select individuals. Information presented in the report is dependent on user type.
If you are a SurveyVitals user, view the article in the Help Center to learn how to enable the Monthly Trend Report.  Want to learn more about SurveyVitals, request more information here.

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