Data Security & Customer Support

Visit Documentation & Security for more information about data requirements and the onboarding process.

Data Security

SurveyVitals encrypts data at both rest and transfer ensuring integrity of both patient and client data. SurveyVitals has undergone multiple assessments via MyCSF HITRUST. Thorough security information policies, audits, and dedicated personnel ensure constant awareness and monitoring of systems.

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Patient Data Processing

SurveyVitals® requests minimal information to deliver survey requests to patients.

Access Needs

SurveyVitals is a web-based application that works across many browsers, both mobile and desktop. You do not need to download or install any software to use

Customer Support

Once you’ve signed up, your dedicated team will reach out to aid in setup. Your team will consist of what we call an On-boarding Specialist, a dedicated Client Account Manager and a Customer Support Specialist. This team will be here to help you navigate all things SurveyVitals and support you in your journey of continuous improvement.

On-Boarding Specialist: will assist in the initial data setup, organizational definition within the system, and any specific technical needs you may have after the initial setup process.

Client Account Manager: will lead your support team and be responsible for the relationship between your organization and SurveyVitals. They will assist with continually monitoring your account, alerting you to issues that may arise, and will periodically reach out proactively to notify you to new features, as well as functionality of the portal to ensure you are getting the most out of your solution.

Client Support Specialist: will act as a true dedicated customer service contact that can help with reports, logins, questions and provider assistance when needed.